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If you are totally happy with your dream body then DO NOT read this. However, if you may be just a little off track with your health and fitness goals, We believe this may be perfect for you.

America’s Top Trainers has created a 9 Week Online Weight Loss Program.
It’s a rapid 9 Weeks of “no-nonsense” working out and eating right.  And after it’s over, you’ll have the body you have always wanted just in time for the NEW YEAR.

Who it’s for:

For men and women that are beginners to intermediate that requires minimal home equipment or gym membership that are looking to lose weight


  • Lose weight safely and sustainably
  • Improve whole body strength, balance, and stability
  • Build positive habits you can carry with you for life
  • Make health and fitness a priority for your life


Duration: 9 weeks


  • Time to work out 3- 4 times a week (~30 minutes each workout)
  • An open mind and willingness to follow the program
  • Time to read the program content each week (10-20 minutes a week)
  • Dumbbells (1 Heavy and 1 Light Set
  • Food Scale

What You Get:

  • 3 customized weekly workouts every single week to burn fat and build strength
  • A comprehensive nutrition guide to building the perfect plan for you
  • 9 Weeks Access to Fitness Class with Over 500 on Demand Workouts
  • Useful content each week to build up your knowledge and motivation
  • Weekly Consults with Trainer
  • Access to a members-only group of peers that will support and motivate you
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